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We’ll usually have an estimate over to you within 2 or 3 working days.

We use the photographs you send us to estimate the size and quantity of every door, panel, hinge, handle, pelmet, cornice and worktop required to complete your makeover.

This does mean it take us a day or two to complete your estimate but it also means we’re pretty accurate with our estimating.  We’re usually about 95%+ accurate as long as we can see all the parts of your kitchen in the photographs you send.

We use the photographs you send us to estimate the size and quantity of every door, panel, hinge, handle, pelmet, cornice and worktop required to complete your makeover.

As a general rule if we can’t see it in the photographs, it won’t be included in the estimate unless you’ve told us about it by email/phone?

If you’re having problems uploading your photos, you’re welcome to email them to us at hello@restyle.ie

A typical kitchen makeover takes between 1 and 2 days so you’ll be enjoying your new look kitchen with minimum disruption.

That’s one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions. Much will depend on the size of your kitchen and the specific kitchen/door style you’ve chosen.

Our typical makeover is in the range of €2,500 – €4,000, naturally if you decide you’d like stone worktops and new appliances as part of your makeover the price is likely to be higher.

The easiest way to get an initial price for your kitchen makeover is by sending in photographs via our easy online estimator.

When you’re happy with the estimate we’ve sent, we’ll arrange for one of the Restyle.ie team to call to your home and confirm all of our estimated measurements.

Absolutely. A kitchen makeover is the perfect opportunity to add additional storage to your kitchen.

Absolutely. If you’re prefer a completely new kitchen, just let us know.

Yes. We have a great selection of worktops for you to chose from.

Of course. Just include it in the photographs you submit and it will be included in your makeover estimate.

Of course. We’d be delighted to design, manufacture and install a new kitchen island as part of your kitchen makeover.

We’ll go one better. We’ll replace any broken drawers for you with completely new ones.

All our new drawers are soft-close and have metal sides and minimum of 16mm bases.

Of course. Just let us know which cabinets you’d like to replace and we’ll include new ones as part of your makeover.

Generally we’d offer new cabinets rather than trying to relocate existing ones. Cabinets that have been in place in your kitchen for a while may not move well and we’d rather be certain you end up with a top-class finish.

A typical kitchen makeover includes:

  • new doors
  • new drawer-fronts
  • new side panels
  • new plinth (kicker)
  • soft-close hinges
  • new handles
  • cornice / pelmet*
  • worktop*
  • sink & tap*
  • appliances*
  • flooring*
  • new drawers


* optional items 

A kitchen makeover is ideal for a rental property.

For already rented properties, a kitchen makeover can be completed with minimum fuss for your tenants.

Between rentals, our 1-2 day fit time means your upgraded property will be back on the market without delay.

Always unless a specific application requires a standard hinge, e.g. integrated appliances.

All our products and workmanship are fully guaranteed.

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